"Art is the Ultimate Con": Should Artists Occupy Museums?

Artist Coco Fusco and activist Noah Fischer chew over some ideas around artists, institutions, and cash.

Ilana Novick

Making a Fake Instagram Account Can Bring You Back to Reality

Finstagrams—a fake, secondary Instagram account shared only with trusted friends—can help you elude the pitfalls of our too-polished social media era.

Paris Sanders

New York’s Coolest Store Just Did a Thursday Drop of…Art Books!

This gets our vote for highbrow-streetwear-world-collision of the week.

Rachel Tashjian

Leonardo DiCaprio Comes Face-to-Face with Leonardo da Vinci

In a film.

Rachel Tashjian

A 70s Photographer Unveils the Ultimate New York Punk Archive on Instagram

Julia Gorton took epic Polaroids of Television, Blondie, Lydia Lunch, and more, and now she’s rolling out her collection on Instagram.

Christina Cacouris

In the New Joan Didion Documentary, a World of Imperfect Mortal Beings

The questions that occur as you watch Griffin Dunne’s “love letter” to his Aunt Joan feel almost impolite, but they haunt the documentary.

Gemma Sieff

We Asked A Lawyer Why 'Stranger Things' Hasn’t Been Sued For Copyright Infringement

"Stranger Things" opens a gate into a parallel universe beyond copyright infringement laws.

Cintra Wilson

Kim K, Leo, Brad Pitt, George Lucas, & More at L.A.'s Art Party of the Year

GARAGE stepped out with Hollywood's finest for the 2017 LACMA Art+ Film Gala, hosted by Eva Chow and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ashley Tyner

Do I Have a Tom Ford Lipstick Fetish? On Artist Sylvie Fleury’s "Eye Shadows"

Am I unhealthily obsessed with painting my face? Are haul photos making me high? Am I assigning value and meaning to bronzer based on its shiny black package?

Alex Beggs

Don't Call Kelela's Style "Innovative"

As exemplified by this exclusive video from her Oakland show, Kelela's "Take Me Apart" tour is a new chapter in a long tradition of black musicians breaking sartorial boundaries.

Ashley Tyner

Five of the Most Radically Bespoke Trunks in Louis Vuitton History

A new exhibition on Louis Vuitton shows some of the most out-there ways the brand has customized its classic trunk. Supported by Louis Vuitton.

Christina Cacouris

Trend Report: How Are the Truly Elegant Eating Potato Chips?

How Bunny Mellon, Bemelmans Bar, and the Hotel du Cap serve these delightful medallions of crass nutrition.

Rachel Tashjian