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Pharrell Joins GARAGE Magazine in Celebrating Alex Israel x RIMOWA

Alexandre Arnault and GARAGE's Mark Guiducci hosted a Hollywood crowd that included Pharrell, Billy Idol, and Alicia Silverstone. As if!
GARAGE Magazine
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Garage Magazine Issue 16

The Trio Creating an L.A. Mecca for Celebrating Artists of Color

Mark Bradford, Allan DiCastro, and Eileen Harris Norton are the community catalysts behind Art + Practice.
Paige Katherine Bradley
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‘Mid90s’ Gets It Right: A Skate Betty Reviews Jonah Hill’s Film Debut

Costume designer Heidi Bivens combed through ’90s skate magazines for inspiration.
Zoe Dubno
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: LA Is a Lesbian

On queering the City of Angels in "Mulholland Drive."
Rachel Rabbit White
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Hedi Slimane Fully Roasted LA in His First Celine Interview

Et tu, Hedi?
Emma Specter
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Tennis Is a Rarefied and Beautiful Art and Your T-Shirt Should Be, Too

Running is over. Tennis is in!
Chris Black

The Artist Who Sees Your Flood of Pollution and Raises You a Wave of Symbolism

Jonny Negron is dealing with information overload and literal trash through his iconic paintings.
David Muenzer

Los Angeles: The City of Dreams and Sprawling Art Book Fairs

A recent boom in the City of Angel’s art book fair scene shows the enthusiasm and heterogeneity of its creative community.
Angella D'Avignon

Myra Breckinridge Was an Agent of Doom for the American Male

The Hollywood adaption of Gore Vidal’s controversial 1968 novel with a trans heroine is screening in LA for one night only as part of a queer cinema festival.
Andy Campbell

Relishing the Madness of a Museum Blocking a Freeway in L.A.

An exhibition in L.A. examining the brouhaha around a planned freeway extension is smack dab in the middle of its path.
Travis Diehl

Mother Culture Gallery Is a Big, Happy, Messy Family Affair

A newly opened gallery in Los Angeles showing works by Jacolby Satterwhite, DeSe Escobar, and Jessi Reaves has ambitions of becoming “a fluid communal project.”
Anastasia Howe Bukowski
kanye west

The Erewhon Drip Report

Inspired by Kanye's tweet on “Erewhon drip,”​ we visited the LA grocery store and captured the style in real time.
Eliza Wallace