fashion fan fiction

Drip For Me, Part III: Beauty and the Hypebeast

Our ingenue finally gets her date with the influencer of her dreams.
Jordan Barse
5 days ago
fashion fan fiction

Drip For Me, Part I: Grail Me

In the first chapter of our fashion erotica, our ingenue meets an influencer whose grails light her on fire.
Jordan Barse

I Bought Fake Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers and Boy Do They...Smell Weird?

Our new sneaker columnist takes fake hype sneakers for a spin.
Sophie Helf

I Went to Equinox and I Am Now a Bourgeois Lifestyle King

One man resisted the call of the world’s chicest gym. Now he’ll never slum it again.
Chris Black
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Is a Luxury Object Made in a Lab More Desirable One Made by Hand?

The idea of machine-made indulgences is increasingly competing with handcrafted counterparts. Will a lab-grown Birkin soon have as long a waiting list as a crocodile one?
Lou Stoppard

New York Restaurants’ Best-Kept Secret: The Luxury Forager

The freaky vegetables foraged by Evan Strusinski in the woods of New England are the secret ingredient at everywhere from Roberta’s to Momofuku Ko.
Zoe Dubno

Thanksgiving Reads to Avoid Your Family with Style

If things get tricky at the dinner table and beyond, here are a few great fashion stories to keep you distracted.
Rachel Tashjian

Gucci x Farfetch: Spend More Time Living Forever

A partnership with Farfetch promises Gucci at your doorstep in 90 minutes or less. Is it a feature-length publicity stunt or the future of e-commerce?
Gemma Sieff