Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales Celebrates the Female Need to Tell Stories

Ruth Ossai’s portfolio for GARAGE continues the tradition with a portfolio of Nollywood’s leading female voices.

Rachel Tashjian

Lil Miquela Shows Us the Future of Fame

With the rise of AI personalities like Lil Miquela, who can be anyplace at any time, the future landscape of fame is here. So where do humans fit into it? Lil Miquela herself weighs in.

Nora Khan

Lil Miquela Poses with Courtney Love, Prince Charles, and the Olsen Twins

Miquela Souza, aka Lil'Miquela, can inhabit the past, present, or future. For GARAGE Issue 15, she photobombed some of the most iconic paparazzi moments, begging the question: has she been here all along? Fashion Editor: Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

GARAGE Magazine

10 Things We Love (And You Need To Know) About Deana Lawson

Deana Lawson shot Rihanna for GARAGE issue 15’s cover story, but who is this major new voice in American photography?

Paige Katherine Bradley

A Match Made in Heaven: Deana Lawson and Arthur Jafa on Destiny, Intuition, and Influence

Artists Arthur Jafa and Deana Lawson sit down for a conversation that comprises our Rihanna cover story of GARAGE Issue 15.

Deana Lawson and Arthur Jafa

Queen Rihanna by Deana Lawson Covers GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

The Human Future is here. Photographed by Deana Lawson. Fashion Editor: Carlos Nazario.

GARAGE Magazine

Is Trend Forecasting an Art or Science?

The elusive field of trend forecasting has become a codified business, but a handful of renegades are questioning this big-box mentality. Is it science or magic?

Eliza Wallace

These Women Are Shaping the Future of Female Streetwear

Streetwear remains a male-dominated industry—save for designers like Erin Magee of MadeMe and Ashley Williams, who are making women’s clothes for a women’s world. Photographed by Flo Ngala.

Rachel Tashjian

Just Don’t Do It: Anne Boyer On the Power of Saying “No”

An excerpt from the Cy Twombly Award–winning poet’s latest book shows us how to refuse, reject, and rebel.

Anne Boyer

Artist Taryn Simon Photographs Men Jumping into Freezing Water

Documenting her MASS MoCA installation “A Cold Hole” exclusively for GARAGE, Simon captures the moment when participants jump into a shaft of frigid water in an ice-floored gallery. Novelist Alexandra Kleeman recounts her experience taking the plunge.

Taryn Simon
Alexandra Kleeman

Silicon Valley Is Trying (and Failing) to Automate Human Empathy

The new Holy Grail for tech companies: a bot that sounds just as awkward on the phone as you do.

Kyle Chayka

Artist Ann Agee Gives Fall’s Finest Footwear the Ceramic Treatment

In sculptor Ann Agee’s kiln, the fashion world’s obsession with footwear meets the art world’s fresh lust for ceramics. Photographed by Therese Aldgard. Fashion Editor: Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

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