This ’90s Exhibition About Feminism and Abstraction Started It All

GARAGE takes a closer look at More Than Minimal, an unsung exhibition of female and post-minimalist artists from over two decades ago, and finds that it paved the way for artists today.

Paige Katherine Bradley

#TBT: How Natalie Massenet Launched the World of Luxury Online Shopping

In 2014, GARAGE editorial director Dasha Zhukova interviewed Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet about the birth of internet shopping and her plans for world domination.

Dasha Zhukova

Jeffrey Deitch On the New Generation of Painters Obsessed with Francis Picabia

For Garage No. 11, gallerist Jeffrey Deitch locates a brash new generation of painters.

Jeffrey Deitch

Martin Margiela Creates a Flag for Peace

Exclusively for GARAGE No. 13, Martin Margiela created a flag that flutters for peace.

Martin Margiela

David Hockney Spills the Tea on the Old Masters’ Collusion with Photography

In GARAGE No. 6, we examined how the British artist shocked the art establishment at the turn of the 21st century by asserting a deeper link between the Old Masters and photography than had previously been suspected.

Gabriel Morgan

Manifesto Vestimentality, the Next New Fashion Wave

Know thy fashion statement.

Cintra Wilson

Rabbits Are Taking Over Australia, and Artist Taryn Simon Knows Why

In GARAGE’s inaugural issue, artist Taryn Simon shared a portfolio from her show “A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters.”

Taryn Simon

Symbolism in a Time of Literal Disaster

In the late nineteenth century, Symbolism gave rise to the bizarre and baroque imaginings of artists in revolt against a world dehumanized by technology and hurtling toward war. Today’s New Symbolist moment carries intriguing similarities.

Chris Sharp

David Adjaye on the Radical Imaginary of Bodys Isek Kingelez

Architect David Adjaye tells GARAGE why he admires Congolese sculptor Bodys Isek Kingelez, the subject of MoMA's first solo exhibition of work by a black African artist.

David Adjaye

Everybody Needs a Little Limitation: The Dotty Art of Yayoi Kusama

For GARAGE Issue No. 2, Mark Kidel took a deep dive into the psyche of Yayoi Kusama, the artist whose goal is self-obliteration.

Mark Kidel

In 2016, Fashion Had a Catfishing Moment

For GARAGE Issue 10, Alexander Fury surveyed the influence of online self-invention at Prada, Fendi, and JW Anderson.

Alexander Fury

Hanne Gaby Odiele Gives a Manicure to a Dead Octopus in a Chanel Suit

What does a bag of dead mice, one dead octopus, and a live cat all have a common?

GARAGE Magazine