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Why Don't You... Wear Gucci and Thom Browne While Paying Off Your Debts to Tom Nook?

Yes, this is an Animal Crossing fashion editorial.
Vivian Loh & Michele Yue

Christy Turlington Answers Our Prayers; Returns to the Runway After 25 Years

"We gently nudged her and she agreed after 24 or 25 years to do our show."
Evan Ross Katz

Tomo Koizumi's Debut Show Is Already the Best Thing That Happened at NYFW

With an assist from some of the biggest names in fashion—including Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs—Koizumi delivered big.
Evan Ross Katz
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Selena Forrest, Lineisy Montero & Squad Are Giving Us "Black Cotillion"

This spring, fashion’s newcomers and heritage houses alike are throwing stuffy social codes to the wind and reimagining formal wear for a modern debutante.
GARAGE Magazine

The Mother of ‘Messy’: A Look Back at Courtney Love’s ’90s Style

Courtney’s wardrobe is up for sale this week, prompting reflection on her fabulously tousled, pre-glow-up look circa Hole.
Emma Specter
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Marc Jacobs’s Grunge Redux: The Fashion Nerd Is the New Hypebeast

The designer is tapping into the burgeoning generation of fashion nerds and luxury collectors.
Rachel Tashjian
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Artist Ann Agee Gives Fall’s Finest Footwear the Ceramic Treatment

In sculptor Ann Agee’s kiln, the fashion world’s obsession with footwear meets the art world’s fresh lust for ceramics. Photographed by Therese Aldgard. Fashion Editor: Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.
GARAGE Magazine

Marc Jacobs Is a Total Hypebeast—and Our Purest Artist

Why Jacobs has been wearing the kind of clothes that sell out in minutes, but designing something else entirely.
Rachel Tashjian

Was the Golden Globes Red Carpet a Win for the Fashion Industry?

E! refused to ask who made the dresses that helped bring the protest to life.
Rachel Tashjian