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Stream the Marine Serre Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show

The queen of witchcraft futurewear is back for Paris Fashion Week. See the new collection live on Tuesday, February 25 at 10:30 AM CET.
GARAGE Magazine
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Did 'Rear Window' Turn Chartreuse Into Fashion's Favorite Color?

The 1954 Hitchcock film used the eerie green shade to illuminate Grace Kelly's role as detective.
Tatum Dooley

Marine Serre's Post Apocalyptic Rave World

The French designer sets her sights on a neon-colored future for FW19, leaving bleakness behind us.
Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Fuzzy Futurism: Unraveling the Return of the Synthetic Sweater

From Kurt Cobain to 'Empire Records', the fuzzy sweater had a good run—but is it back for good?
Jordan Barse
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These Marine Serre x MELISSA Shoes Look Like Sexy Hooves From The Future

We'd shuffle around in them, for sure.
Emma Specter
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Marine Serre Is the Most Essential Designer Working Today

Serre knows clothing can’t just promise to improve the world—it has to improve your spirit, too.
Rachel Tashjian
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Utility as a Fetish at Fendi

OMG, is fashion finally getting practical?
Emma Specter
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Why Everyone Is Obsessed with Marine Serre

Is fashion designer Marine Serre a political provocateur, a peacemaker, or merely the most important designer of her generation?
Rachel Tashjian

Crocs, 80s Excess, and Christopher Wylie: How Fashion Is a Conspiracy of Trends

How do we explain how certain decades, muses, and looks show up on the runway at the same time?
Haley Mlotek

Marine Serre is Designing for the Future By Engaging with the Present

At her debut runway show, LVMH Prize winner Marine Serre showed a fantastic vision of a woman who engages with the world we live in today.
Rachel Tashjian