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Russia’s Next Big Streetwear Brand on Designing Under Putin

“We are fine with everything.”
Rachel Tashjian
5 days ago

What’s the Right Order To Get Dressed In?

After an incident at the gym, a writer questions ~everything.~
Marc Richardson
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A *Yawn* Baldessari T-Shirt, Baby!

From the dark, dorky shores of the New York Art Book Fair.
Chris Black
Clothes Before Prose

In “The Secret History,” Dressing Well Has Murderous Possibilities

Tartt’s debut novel shows the fine line you walk when dressing for the world you want.
Drew Zeiba
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What’s Going On With Blake Lively’s Dapper and Unnecessary Fashion Cane?

Blake Lively is swagger-jacking director Paul Feig. Are walking sticks the new frontier?
Emma Specter
Clothes Before Prose

How Tom Wolfe Made Clothing a Man’s Deepest Trait in “Bonfire of the Vanities”

In the Tom Wolfe classic, the superficial layer revealed everything you needed to know about a person.
Max Lakin

Meet the Die-Hard Fans Who Didn’t Get a Ticket to the Louis Vuitton Show and Went Anyway

“I’m proud of a black man who’s the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.”
GARAGE Magazine

In Defense of That $300 “New York Times” T-Shirt

Sacai designed a very expensive shirt to fight fake news. But to dismiss it merely as “elitist” is a mistake.
Rachel Tashjian

It's Official: Fashion Is Still Obsessed with Surf Culture

The influence was everywhere at the menswear shows, including at AMBUSH where, yes, there were fully functional surfboards.
Gabriella Karefa-Johnson
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Yes, Jacquemus Made Giant Straw Hats for Men

But the real Jacquemus Man will carry the tiny women’s bags.
Rachel Tashjian
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A T-Shirt for Influencers Who *Have* To Go to Every Single Sage-Scented Minimalist Boutique

When every cool boutique looks and smells the same, how do you break through the noise?
Chris Black

Will Virgil Abloh Change the Fashion System, or Should We Scrap It All Together?

Many designers hope Virgil Abloh will open the doors of the fashion industry to black designers.
Scarlett Newman