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All I Want Is a 'Freddy Got Fingered' Visor

And it's all Movie Promotional Merch Unlimited Twitter account's fault.
Sophie Kemp

Let The World Know Where You Vacation (Or Wish You Could)

It's the golden era of merch, and the ultimate status symbol is now...a travel souvenir.
Adam Robb
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Happy Resurrection, Jesus! Kanye Made You Some Merch

In honor of Kanye's 'Sunday Service' at Coachella, GARAGE examines various world religious swag.
Emma Specter
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Did Felicity Huffman's Mommy Merch Pay for Her Criminal Activity?

Her mommy blog and store, What the Flicka?, strives to "to spotlight mothers, content creators and influencers."
Emma Specter
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You Can Buy Roger Stone Merch, Because Hell Is Real

Will a “Stone, One True God of Cannabis” beach towel crop up on Grailed?
Emma Specter
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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Bond Over Murakami Merch

The couple that appreciates Japanese contemporary art together, stays together.
Emma Specter
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Why Is Bella Hadid Wearing Elon Musk’s Merch?

Sometimes, a sweatshirt is just a sweatshirt—or is it?
Emma Specter
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What Are the Ethics of Drake’s Magic City Merch?

The Canadian rapper asserts his connection to an Atlanta legend.
Rachel Tashjian
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If You Really Love Me, Say It With Merch

Hailey Baldwin, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian prove that branded apparel is the ultimate expression of celebrity devotion.
Emma Specter
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We Have Hit Peak Grateful Dead Merch

And this shirt is one of the best examples yet.
Chris Black
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Nancy Meyers Could Be a Secret Streetwear Goddess

Nancy Meyers: Mommy of the Merch.
Andrea Whittle
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Are T-Shirts a Carb?

A new T-shirt celebrates the simple pleasures of complex carbohydrates.
Chris Black