These Iconique Movie Vacation Homes Are Available To Rent IRL

Don't you want to spend July in the 'Parent Trap' vineyard?
Andrea Whittle
41 minutes ago
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An Interview with 'JT LeRoy': Behind the 21st Century's Greatest Literary Scam

Anna Delvey who?
Jocelyn Silver
2 days ago
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: In 'Cruel Intentions,' Seduction is a Dirty Game

The 1999 camp classic turns 20 this year, but its protagonists are eternally stuck in a hornily psychosexual game of cat-and-mouse.
Rachel Rabbit White
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Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as Iconic Dance Scenes

Are you 'Flashdance', or 'Napoleon Dynamite'?
Courtney Perkins
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Sex Scenes: A Study of 'Showgirls', A Camp Classique

“Thanks. I bought it at "Ver-sayce".
Rachel Rabbit White
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PSA: Hilary Duff Played Sharon Tate in A Straight-To-Video Manson Movie

GARAGE takes a look back at the film, which was released this month to little fanfare.
Philippa Snow
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Considering ‘Salò,’ the Shocking Film Beloved by Everyone from John Waters to Gaspar Noé

Trigger warning: this story delves into, well, everything that makes “Salò” “unwatchable.”
Rachel Rabbit White
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Your Guide to the Visual Symbols of Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

Don't miss a single moment of the film's iconography.
Tom Philip
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The Costuming in 'Captain Marvel' Serves Major Lesbian Energy

Or is this just wishful thinking?
Emma Specter
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Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as Disney Channel Original Movies

Are you "The Cheetah Girls" or "Cadet Kelly"?
Courtney Perkins
Viva La Lohan

Reappraising ‘The Canyons’: The Lindsay Lohan Comeback That Never Was

Directed by Paul Schrader and written by Bret Easton Ellis, the film showed how naturally sadness came to Lindsay Lohan.
Annie Lord
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Sex Scenes: Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’ Is The Most Sexual Movie of All Time

The 1996 film’s preoccupation with sex and car crashes poses bold, Baudrillardian questions about the nature of sexuality itself.
Rachel Rabbit White