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The Rodarte Sorcery Lands at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

The museum’s director discussed why the institution chose to organize its first major fashion exhibition on the sister designers.
Rachel Tashjian
Engaging Architecture

The Glenstone Museum’s New Pavilions Combine Art with Nature

A new cluster of galleries at this private museum in Maryland opened in early October.
Michael Webb

The Founders of the First Digital Art Museum in the World Make Art for All Your Senses

teamLab is a Japanese collective that believes in a future where art has no boundaries.
Nadja Sayej
fashion history

The Reason Fashion Museums Avoid Controversy

As a new fashion exhibition exploring Catholicism opens at the Met, we look at how museums often favor the uplifting messages clothing carry at the expense of their troubling associations.
Haley Mlotek

6 Stories to Prove That Scaling Museums Is Absolutely a Thing

To paraphrase Everest mountaineer George Mallory, these adventurers climbed the museum "because it was there."
Michael Wilson

Cloud-Based Museum Meets Kickstarter Funding

"You can invest in art rather than the rent." The Current Museum is working with Kickstarter's new platform The Drip to rethink its membership program.
Paddy Johnson

These Remote Museums Are Worth Taking Five Flights, A Four-Hour Hike, and One Ferry Ride

Escape the city to these far-flung museums whose architecture is inspired by the natural landscapes that surround them.​
Erin Schwartz

Where Do Art Museums Get All Those Dresses?

As a Schiaparelli exhibition opens at the Dalí Museum in Florida, we talk to fashion curator Dilys Blum about how one museum built its Schiaparelli collection.
Rachel Tashjian