Performance Art

GARAGE Magazine Issue 18

Miles Greenberg Wants You to Be Free

At 22, the performance artist, actor, and Marina Abramović-protegé is just getting started.
jackson arn

At “Ghost:2561,” Dreary Museum Wall Text Is Replaced By Human Storytellers

The OPEN FIELD Foundation was created to help bring together the best of both Thai and international contemporary art, and schooled students on serving as storytellers rather than mere docents.
Paige Katherine Bradley

TELFAR and South African Band FAKA Set the Serpentine Galleries On Fire...Figuratively

For a sneak preview of his Spring 2019 collection, Telfar Clemens enlisted South African band FAKA to create an original performance that troubles the boundary between art and fashion.
Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Dynasty Handbag Is the Future of Performance (And Has Herpes Like Everyone Else)

As her alter ego Dynasty Handbag, Jibz Cameron is premiering a new one-woman show at Joe’s Pub this week. Bring her an Almond Joy as tribute!
Meg Whiteford

Voguing Is an Act of Political Resistance, According to Artist Rashaad Newsome

Newsome makes "work that is with, for, and about the community.”
Nadja Sayej

Narcissister Starts a Pussy Riot at Performa

Brooklyn artist Narcissister's transformative presentation at Participant Inc. made Carolee Schneeman's notorious vaginal scroll look like kid's stuff.
Paddy Johnson

"The Square" Makes a Monkey of the Art World

A Palme d'Or-winning movie from Swedish director Ruben Östland​ takes on the absurdities of art museum politics, with a little help from one of the greatest apes in the biz.
Travis Diehl

Carolee Schneemann's MoMA PS1 Retrospective is a Sensuous Joy

"I still get phone calls at two in the morning with someone breathing weirdly." MoMA PS1's 60-year retrospective of the pioneering feminist artist demonstrates that her work can still elicit strong reactions.
Nadja Sayej

A Naked Performance in São Paulo is Sparking Violent Reactions

The hysterical online response to a naked performance by Brazilian dancer Wagner Schwartz has kicked off a moral panic with disturbing implications, and fists are flying.
Sarah Valdez

Geumhyung Jeong's Uncanny Performance Pries Sex from Machinery

Geumhyung Jeong’s bewitching performance about the female body and the boundaries between human and machine took on added eerie appeal in Tate Modern's Tanks.
Ellen Mara De Wachter