Garage Magazine Issue 16

Phillip Lim's Cure for Jet Lag Revealed

Direct from his new cookbook, ‘More Than Our Bellies,’ Phillip Lim shares his invigorating jet lag cure. Photographed by Viviane Sassen.
Phillip Lim
11 hours ago
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Soko's Birthing Experience: A Photo Love Story

In her own words, French actress and musician Soko on the most radical love there is: a mother’s for her child. Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.
3 days ago
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Lily Gavin's Self-Portraits Play with Physicality and Proportion

The artist conceptualizes and contorts her own form in a new series exclusively for GARAGE Issue 16.
Katherine Bernard
4 days ago
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Martine Gutierrez's Self-Portraits Make the Old New Again

The artist explores media, pop culture, and spirituality in a new series exclusively for GARAGE's Issue 16.
Diana Tourjée
4 days ago
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Alana O’Herlihy, Fashion's Favorite New Self-Portraitist, Is Obviously a Witch

The 23-year-old artist conceptualizes five alter egos in a new series exclusively for GARAGE.
Gabriella Karefa-Johnson
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Selena Forrest, Lineisy Montero & Squad Are Giving Us "Black Cotillion"

This spring, fashion’s newcomers and heritage houses alike are throwing stuffy social codes to the wind and reimagining formal wear for a modern debutante.
GARAGE Magazine
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Jeremy O. Harris Wrote His Own Daddy Into Existence

“It ended up working in this meta way,” says the 29-year-old playwright. Photographed by Robert Nethery.
Mark Guiducci
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Lauren Wasser Wants You To Know—and Care About—What’s In Your Tampon

A survivor of toxic shock syndrome, model/activist Lauren Wasser doesn’t just want change—she’s demanding it.
Emma Specter
Garage Magazine Issue 16

When It Comes to the Runway, Gypsy Sport's Rio Uribe’s Attitude Is ‘The More, The Merrier’

Your family is the group of people who dress with as much tenacity as you. Photographed by Robert Nethery.
Rachel Tashjian
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Billie Eilish by Takashi Murakami Covers GARAGE Magazine

Billie Eilish’s brand of indie music is everything you wish you’d had when you were 17. Here, a fan shares her notes on loving Billie.
Diamond Sharp
right now

A New Diane Arbus Show Presents the Vision She Spent Her Life Seeking

“FINALLY what I’ve been searching for!” the photographer wrote in a letter to a friend.
Eddie Zhang

Two Young American Photographers Walk Into A Russian Art Gallery

Not a dad joke.
Ashley Tyner