Rei Kawakubo


Nonbinary Fashion is Finally Getting Its Museum Moment

A new exhibition at Boston's MFA devotes itself to the history of gender-bending couture, from Gaultier to Rei Kawakubo.
Nadja Sayej
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At Comme des Garçons, Rei Kawakubo Showed Us Her Most Personal Pain

A highly personal show from Rei Kawakubo.
Rachel Tashjian

How Rei Kawakubo, Valentino, Kim Jones, and Others See the Color Pink

Pink five different ways, from a new exhibition at the Museum at FIT.
Christina Cacouris
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

This Rei Kawakubo Disciple Wants to Dress You in Black

Kei Ninomiya, who began his career as a patternmaker at Comme des Garçons, has his own blossoming line under the brand’s banner. Photographed by Rinko Kawauchi. Fashion Editor: Matt Holmes.
W. David Marx
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Sheila Hicks Says There Are No Limitations—And We Believe Her!

On a summer afternoon in Paris, GARAGE brought together artist Sheila Hicks and Sies Marjan designer Sander Lak for a conversation about light, the difference between art and fashion, and upending the oppressive cycles that are thrust onto creators.
GARAGE Magazine

Am I Addicted to a Comme Des Garçons Jacket? A Therapist Weighs In

After an exhaustive three-year obsession with a jacket, one woman talks to a consumer behavior specialist about why she can’t stop hunting.
Madeleine Holth

Rei Kawakubo's Susan Sontag "Camp" Show Was a Zany, Private Experience

Plus: finding capital-F Fashion at Noir Kei Ninomiya, Junya Watanabe, and Undercover.
Rachel Tashjian

Jewelry Designer Tom Binns is Making Stuff Again—But It's Not Jewelry and This Isn't a Comeback!

Fashion world favorite Tom Binns has a selection of pieces at Dover Street Market.
Rachel Tashjian

Are We in a Golden Age for Female Designers?

From new designers at Dior and Givenchy to the Rei Kawakubo show at the Met, more female designers are in the spotlight than ever. But are these women subverting the status quo in favor of something better, or enforcing the long-standing rules?
Haley Mlotek