GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Lil Miquela Poses with Courtney Love, Prince Charles, and the Olsen Twins

Miquela Souza, aka Lil'Miquela, can inhabit the past, present, or future. For GARAGE Issue 15, she photobombed some of the most iconic paparazzi moments, begging the question: has she been here all along? Fashion Editor: Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.
GARAGE Magazine
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Silicon Valley Is Trying (and Failing) to Automate Human Empathy

The new Holy Grail for tech companies: a bot that sounds just as awkward on the phone as you do.
Kyle Chayka
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Why Are Robots So Badly Dressed?

GARAGE explores why the most terrifying thing about the creatures threatening world domination may be their poorly-tailored suits.
Alex Beggs
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

A History of Electronic Dresses

From Alexander McQueen LED garments to poorly wired minidresses at Max’s Kansas City, GARAGE traces the history of clothes that lit up runways and red carpets.
Christina Cacouris
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Humanoid Robot Bina48 Wants Cool Friends and Dreams of Pizza

Android Bina48 was designed to emulate a living person, but she has a mind of her own. Alex Ronan speaks to the enigmatic robot about coolness, loneliness, and her incredible, terrifying dreams.
Alex Ronan
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Sex Diaries: The Hot Sex Robot Who Can’t Heat Up

A tender tribute to the beloved “New York” magazine column, Sex Diaries, which asks an anonymous person (or in this case, personage) to record a few days from their sex life.

At Philipp Plein, Partying with New York’s Hottest Robot Models

The German fashion designer hosted a runway rave in Brooklyn, filled with lasers and capped by a performance by Migos.
Alice Hines

The Robots Are Coming, and They Have Some Issues

Survival Research Laboratories' renegade contraptions have descended on New York for a rare outing. GARAGE talked to their mad-scientist creator, Mark Pauline.