To Be Fucked: An Essay by Natasha Stagg

In an excerpt from her forthcoming book, "Sleeveless," the author examines how the internet changed everything, but mostly sex.
Natasha Stagg

Peaches is Letting Sex Toys Speak for Themselves

The Berlin-based musician branches out into art with her first solo show, 'Whose Jizz is This.'
Nadja Sayej
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: ‘Valerie and Her Week of Wonders’ Delves Into The Politics of Becoming

Fantasy, fear, lust, adventure, and sexual awakening converge in this masterpiece of Czech new wave cinema.
Rachel Rabbit White
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: In 'Cruel Intentions,' Seduction is a Dirty Game

The 1999 camp classic turns 20 this year, but its protagonists are eternally stuck in a hornily psychosexual game of cat-and-mouse.
Rachel Rabbit White

Anne Imhof Gives Good (and Confusing) Sex at the Tate Modern

Like only some sex, the performance lasts four hours.
Philippa Snow
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Jeff Loves Cicciolina: Looking Back at 'Made in Heaven'

The series dates back to 1989, but the themes of sexuality, love, lust, and taste that it raises are evergreen.
Rachel Rabbit White
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Sex Scenes: How Did Cupid Become a Sexy Baby?

Get in the Valentine's Day spirit with an investigation into the world's cutest/creepiest cherub.
Rachel Rabbit White
Garage Magazine Issue 16

To Artist Tracey Emin, the Perfect Husband Is a Stone. So She Married One.

Tracey Emin married a rock. Erika Eiffel divorced the Eiffel Tower. Objectum sexuality, the feeling of romantic attachment to inanimate objects, is for real.
Lou Stoppard
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Sex Scenes: Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’ Is The Most Sexual Movie of All Time

The 1996 film’s preoccupation with sex and car crashes poses bold, Baudrillardian questions about the nature of sexuality itself.
Rachel Rabbit White
fashion fan fiction

Drip For Me, Part IV: The Devil Wears Nada

In part four of our fashion erotica, our ingenue hits the dressing room—and then some—with the hottest influencer in the world.
Jordan Barse
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Sex Scenes: LA Is a Lesbian

On queering the City of Angels in "Mulholland Drive."
Rachel Rabbit White
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: Femme Fatale for Femme Fatale

"Bound" (1996) shows us why the modern deadly woman is always queer.
Rachel Rabbit White