Tabitha Soren Exposes The Intersection of Touch and Technology

After seeing these ripped-from-the-headlines images, you'll never think about your phone screen the same way again.
Cassidy Dawn Graves
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Is a Luxury Object Made in a Lab More Desirable One Made by Hand?

The idea of machine-made indulgences is increasingly competing with handcrafted counterparts. Will a lab-grown Birkin soon have as long a waiting list as a crocodile one?
Lou Stoppard
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Silicon Valley Is Trying (and Failing) to Automate Human Empathy

The new Holy Grail for tech companies: a bot that sounds just as awkward on the phone as you do.
Kyle Chayka
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

The Extraordinary and Terrifying World of “Deepfakes”

With the disturbing rise of new visual augmentation software, you can appear anywhere at any time doing anything, all without your consent. Can anyone remain untouched, or are we totally fucked? Photographed by Hannah Whitaker.
Sarah Nicole Prickett
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Why Are Robots So Badly Dressed?

GARAGE explores why the most terrifying thing about the creatures threatening world domination may be their poorly-tailored suits.
Alex Beggs
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Group Therapy for the End of the World

Kyle Chayka travels to a workshop in rural Sweden run by a co-founder of a shadowy environmental activist group seeking answers. He found a sense of impending doom, both personal and planet-wide. Photographed by Carolyn Drake.
Kyle Chayka

Iris Van Herpen Blinded Me with Science!

An exhibition of the designer’s work comes to Canada, where a writer re-considers her relationships with nature and technology.
Haley Mlotek

Artist Doug Aitken Says Life Is a Film and We're All Directing

Doug Aitken wants to put reality into question in his new show on the origins of the cell phone, now on view at 303 Gallery.
Sarah Valdez

Stop Mark Zuckerberg Getting Any Richer with this Artist-Designed Social Media Platform is positioning itself as a distraction-free alternative to Facebook.
Michael Wilson

In Sondra Perry's New Show, Digital Tools Make Oppression Visible

Her video installations at the Serpentine Gallery explore representations of the black American experience by enmeshing us with technology.
Hettie Judah

The Artists Using Technology to Get In Touch with Their Mystical Side

Serna Korda, Haroon Mizra, Ian Cheng, and others are on a augmented quest for alternative realities.
Alice Bucknell

Google and the A.I. Gaze

The popular Google Arts & Culture app performs the feminized job of making people smile.
Jacqueline Feldman