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GARAGE's Best of 2020

A list of all the things that helped us get through this uNpReCeDeNtEd TiMe—from "First Cow" to the last Trump (presidential year).
GARAGE Magazine
GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

Is That a $20 Bill? Would Be a Shame If Someone Were To... Stamp It

When the U.S. Treasury Department hit pause on a plan to replace Andrew Jackson’s portrait with Harriet Tubman’s on the $20 bill, artist Dano Wall took matters into his own hands.
Emma Specter
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Fashion Investor Miroslava Duma Named in Mueller Report

Duma is referred to as "a contact of Ivanka Trump's from the fashion industry."
Emma Specter

North Korean Defector Artist Sun Mu’s Lost Utopias

The former propaganda artist for the DPRK regime now lives in South Korea, after swimming to freedom in the 1990s.
Lucy Tiven

Martha Rosler Thinks the Best Way to Deal With Trump Is Laughter

The feminist artist, activist, writer, and thinker is sick of “performing authenticity” via email.
Paige Katherine Bradley
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Richard Prince and Supreme Won’t Let You Forget President Trump's Alleged Sex Crimes

The artist and the streetwear brand collaborated on a shirt featuring a composite of 19 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.
Emma Specter

Tabloid Art History: Dogs—Sorry, Republicans—Playing Poker

A painting hanging in the White House bears a striking resemblance to C.M. Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker.”
Chloe Esslemont

This New Music Doc Is like Spinal Tap By Way of the Enlightenment

Laura Parnes’s film follows a community of NYC musicians and artists staying the course in an era of Trump and tragedy.
Paige Katherine Bradley

These 1980s Documentaries Tell the Story of the Holocaust from a Female Point of View

"Dis-Moi" by Chantal Akerman and "The Ties That Bind" by Su Friedrich, screened as part of a Metrograph series on female filmmakers, explore intergenerational trauma and the transformative act of allowing women to recount their own stories.
Erin Schwartz